Swiss Cheese D Mailbag Feat. Free Agency Potential, Dolan's Monarchy and Mitchell Robinson's Ceiling

The last month before the playoffs is usually pretty boring. The Knicks basically locked in a top 3 spot for worst record in the league, so that 14% chance at Zion seems to be what they're facing. Only time will tell if they can win the golden ticket. In the meantime, I answered some questions from my lovely Twitter followers!

Robinson is such a raw talent that it's tough to say what his ceiling is, but it is clear that he is going to get paid due to his ceiling on the defensive end. On offense, expect a high efficiency low usage player.

Similar to his mentor, DeAndre Jordan, Robinson rolls to the rim looking for lobs on basically every play. He is going to need to bulk up and set better screens, unfortunately I have seen Amar'e Stoudemire inspired screens thus far; the half-assed screens where he shies away with contact. Experience and the weight room will help with his screen setting.

The reason why he is able to be so disruptive on the defensive end is due to his quickness. Imagine Marcus Camby running like a guard. That is Mitchell Robinson.

[video src="" height="450" width="800"][/video]

Let's pretend that Kyrie and Durant does not happen (very likely scenario). Should the Knicks max out the next best player? Or sign a player like DeAndre Jordan to a 1 year deal to fill out their roster? I would vote for the latter.

The Knicks should not invest in multiple years on a max guy until they are a playoff threat with their young core. Obviously if you can get Durant and Kyrie, then there's a legitimate argument to go all-in immediately. If not, let the team grow and become a contender the way a normal team does.

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I don't know, it's kind of funny at this point. I'm getting some King Joffrey vibes from Dolan these days. If anyone talks back he can just say "off with his head" which is the equivalent of being banned, I suppose.

They should draft the best player available. Kemba/Kyrie do not play for the Knicks, and even if they end up getting signed, good NBA teams are position-less. Knicks have a need at every single position.

Even though he hasn't developed into a good offensive player yet, he's still the best perimeter defender on the Knicks. Until the Knicks get better defensive players than Ntilikina, I will not allow my fellow Knicks fans to trash on a 20-year-old.

I named my blog after how bad the Knicks are at defense. If Knicks fans are preaching to get players like Kyrie Irving, then Frank Ntilikina will be that much more important to the team.

Frank has been hurt for the past 20 games, and everyone has given up on him. I think that is a typical Knicks move to have that amount of impatience. I guess we do deserve Dolan.

I'm not saying Frank is going to turn out to be Scottie Pippen, but maybe Tony Allen? Would that be so bad?

I honestly don't know, and I promise you that no one knows. What I do know is that the last time the last player the Knicks resigned after his rookie deal was Charlie Ward.

The Knicks need to see how these players grow over the years, but instead they'll probably trade the three of them as a package for Deron Williams.

Hey @JamesDolan, big fan here, I didn't say it... Please don't ban me, ban this guy instead.

No NBA player has outright said it, so we can't say it for sure, but let's put on our thinking caps. The Knicks have had the worst record in the NBA since 2001. Whether or not its solely Dolan's fault, it's not a secret that the Knicks do not have a winning culture.

Kevin Durant is the best player on the best team of all-time. If I were KD, I would not leave that situation to go play for the Knicks. Does that mean he won't leave? I don't know. I'm not Stephen A. Smith, I'm not going to pretend I have sources.


If you can draft Zion, you keep him. Watch one Duke game and you'll understand why. The crazy dunks and athleticism stands out immediately, but he also has crazy potential on the defensive end. His ability to move on the perimeter at his weight is unheard of. It's scary to think of his ceiling.

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