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What can the Knicks do in Free Agency?

New York is not the destination it once was. Big markets are becoming less relevant, because winning equates to endorsements etc. In addition to this, the Knicks have an overpaid Center in Joakim Noah, a no-trade-clause Melo, and an exit interview skipping Kristaps Porzingis. We will not be discussing the Knicks' chances landing CP3, Kyle Lowry, Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin, because there is no chance. Not including rookie Frank Ntilikina's contract, the Knicks have $79 million reserved for a $99 million salary cap. The Knicks are not going to win a championship next season, so any move they make should support Porzingis' timeline. Despite trade rumors, Porzingis is not going anywhere. Phil Jackson is just cranky. Here are some realistic opportunities that the Knicks might want to pursue: The Knicks just drafted a point guard, but Frank Ntilikina is 18 years old, who knows if he is ready? George Hill Pros: George Hill is an average NBA point guard. He can comfortably r