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Why did Phil Jackson Draft Kristaps Porzingis?

In March of 2014, Phil Jackson was introduced as the President of the New York Knicks. This may sound like a stretch, but since Jackson has reunited with his Knicks, he almost lost his credibility after winning 13 NBA Championships. In the defense of disgruntled Knicks fans, Jackson has made some questionable decisions since he became Head Honcho: trading Tyson Chandler for a lengthier contract in Jose Calderon, running the triangle offense in a league that thrives in the pick and roll, and his incomprehensible use of social media. None of these borderline comical events were able to match up to the horror of the 2015 NBA Draft. Many fans, including myself, were looking forward to the Knicks drafting either floor general Emmanuel Mudiay or lockdown defender Justise Winslow. Both players were considered a safe