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How Mudiay can HELP PORZINGIS LONG TERM and why the rise of Jokic was the WORST thing that happened to Mudiay

In the 2015 NBA Draft, I was sitting with some of my fellow Knicks fans as we were awaiting the announcement of the 4th overall pick. I was chanting "Winslow!" others were chanting "Mudiay", it didn't matter who it was... All that mattered was that the Knicks finally got a good draft pick and were going to get a good player. Instead they got... Naturally, we were pissed. Some of us were literally swearing at the TV. I personally said: "Phil Jackson obviously drafted Porzingis to trade him for a veteran point guard to help Melo." With Andrea Bargnani still fresh in our minds, we couldn't help but be delusional and afraid about the Knicks betting their future on a perimeter focused European big man. Fast forward to 2018, and every Knicks fan shed a tear when Porzingis tore his ACL... off what should have been an iconic dunk on the Greek Freak. With Porzingis out indefinitely, the Knicks traded Dougie Mcbuckets for a player Knicks fans initially wante