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NBA Christmas Preview: NBA Finals Rematch and Other Festivities

Tomorrow is the most wonderful day of the year. It is a day where you can watch over 12 straight hours of basketball, instead of paying attention to your loved ones. The NBA has a history of putting together some fun, competitive matchups that occasionally give a playoff-like atmosphere. Celtics @ Knicks at 12pm EST on ESPN Knicks and Celtics have a very long and ugly history. This is a refreshing season to see both teams being fairly competitive. The Celtics are an inch higher than the Knicks in the Atlantic division (Celtics: 17-13 // Knicks 16-13), so this should prove to be an exciting noon game. Isaiah Thomas is one of the best rim penetrators at his position at only 5'9". He can also finish with both hands around the rim with crazy pressure around him. Think of him like a mini-Kyrie Irving. Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings have had trouble all season containing guys like Thomas, so that's a matchup to look out for. The Knicks can win this game if they can limit turn

Swiss Cheese D Mailbag (Feat. Should Melo Leave?)

Swiss Cheese D would not have received as much exposure if not for twitter. Twitter enables me to connect with a tremendous amount of NBA fans. Although it is unfortunate that I only have 140 characters to respond to questions, I can get around that by using my website to answer all of your genius questions. Welcome to the first Swiss Cheese D Q&A. I recently wrote a column on why Derrick Rose is so important to the Knicks.  A lot of the Knicks' success this season has been due to Rose's ability to penetrate and create for others. Although Rose is only 28 years old, there is no doubt that he is an injury prone player. Long-term I think it would be a good idea to either sign Rose to a short term deal (which is something his agent will oppose), or say goodbye. Players like Shaun Livingston, Vince Carter and Grant Hill were able to reinvent their game after career threatening injuries. This was due to their ability to re

Is it Time for Melo to Pass the Torch to Porzingis?

Image After 19 games, there has been an internal debate amongst Knicks fans: who should be the first option for the New York Knicks? Carmelo Anthony or Kristaps Porzingis. Kristaps Porzingis is averaging 21 points at 48% (16 shots per game) Carmelo Anthony is averaging 23 points at 43% (19 shots per game) It is clear that Porzingis is the winner if we're basing this question off numbers. However, is it the best idea for a 21 year old to inherit the majority of the workload? It is important to factor in that maybe the Knicks are better off with Porzingis as the second option... for now. Coach Jeff Hornacek wants to let the game come to Porzingis as the Knicks build towards the future. The Knicks will not beat the Warriors/Spurs/Clippers/Cavs in a 7 game series if all of a sudden Porzingis averages more shot attempts than Melo. Hornacek has bigger problems, like Joakim Noah. Porzingis’ higher efficiency is a result of Melo