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How to Fix the Knicks

The Knicks are losing, and it’s upsetting to watch, but it is also inevitable. The Knicks have ten expiring contracts this season, which alone explains the lack of cohesion. How are you supposed to get your players on board with learning a brand new system in the Triangle Offense, when they know they’re not a part of the future? The Knicks came into this season resigning the great Carmelo Anthony. Playing within an incredibly poor Eastern Conference, many Knicks fans, including myself, came into this season with optimism, but the 2014-2015 Knicks are one of the worst teams in franchise history. The Knicks actually have a draft pick this season, and although it’s early, many fans are thinking about the lottery already. Why are the Knicks bad? Between a lack of ball movement, a lack of any rim penetrators, a lack of leadership and a lack of shot selection, the Knicks have a very boring and sloppy offense. However, offense is not their main problem. About half of the players on the Knicks