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Can the Grizzlies Get Through The West?

Longevity is an incredibly underrated template of success. Once upon a time, a team like the Spurs was built through the draft, and they’re still relevant today. The Memphis Grizzlies didn’t exactly build through the draft, but they have developed a young core over the years and turned them into championship contenders. The Memphis Grizzlies are entering the 2015 playoffs for their fifth year in a row. They have a core that consists of high IQ veterans, and they arguably play the best defense in the league. But why are they still under the radar? Injuries Floor general Mike Conley is dealing with a sore left ankle. Conley has never been an all-star, but don’t let that fool you. Without question, he is an all-star point guard with an uncanny ability of distributing the ball, plus he can guard just about any point guard in the league. Another factor he’s added to his game over the years is a reliable jump shot, so as a defender, you can’t sag off of Conley anticipating a pass, he’ll bury