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Knicks 2021-2022 Season Preview: Depth and Flexibility can Coexist with "Win Now"

The Knicks are rapidly changing fans' perception of what the franchise represents. New York was notorious for going all in on aging superstars without any supporting cast in a desperate attempt to “win now”. The new regime of Leon Rose, World Wide Wes and Scott Perry are building this Knicks team in a very interesting way.  They are technically in “win now” mode, but with a certain amount of flexibility that I have never seen before in this franchise. The Knicks are doubling down on their successful season last year, re-signing Derrick Rose, Nerlens Noel, Alec Burks and Taj Gibson. They also signed Bronx native Kemba Walker as well as Evan Fournier, adding much needed offense to a team that got embarrassed by Trae Young and the Hawks in the playoffs.  Retaining talent and signing some much needed offensive firepower comes with a cost. Without any tweaks to this roster, the Knicks will not have a max slot available next free agency. This is where things might get a bit confusing. Th