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Knicks Offseason Review

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson has once again surprised the angry and confused Knicks fans of the world. The Knicks have completely revamped their roster, and this time, it might make sense. Only five players remain on today's roster compared to last season. Here is a look at the 2016-'17 New York Knicks depth chart: If only this happened like four years ago, then this team would be a legitimate contender. Still this should be an above .500 team that will give Knicks fans a competitive brand of basketball, something that has not been a reality for over a decade. Let's break down some of the key acquisitions that made this possible. Derrick Rose The name that jumps out at everyone immediately is Derrick Rose. I won’t go into too much detail on Rose, because you should have already read that here . However, it is worth noting that if Rose is healthy, he will be the best point guard on the Knicks this millennium, regardless of the fact that he will never return to his