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Knicks 2020-2021 Season Preview: A Glimmer of Hope

Over the past two decades, the Knicks have been the most disappointing team in the NBA. Season after season, management has given fans a false sense of hope by overpaying aging stars and trading away precious draft picks, mortgaging their future in exchange for mediocrity. I have told my family and friends that I am actually excited for this season, "Don't get me wrong, the Knicks are going to be at the bottom of the standings, but the future is bright. They have a lot of young talent that they're going to develop. The Knicks should be good in a couple of years."  I am sure you have heard that before. Let's go over how the Knicks handled this offseason, what to expect this season, and what to expect in the future. Free Agency: Less is More Hoping the CP3 to Knicks rumors are simply rumors. I love CP3 and am so happy he proved so many haters wrong this season. He’s an all-time great. However, he does not fit the Knicks’ timetable and is not worth giving up young as