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Will Enes Kanter Have a Career Year on the Knicks?

With Porzingis projected to be out for a large chunk of this upcoming season, it seems that the Knicks are in for another long year. Even with great draft selections between Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson, plus a new "culture" under Coach Fizdale, there doesn't seem to be enough talent to have a competitive basketball team this season. "The reality is without KP, man, we're going nowhere," Walt Clyde Frazier told Sirius XM this week. "Without Porzingis, he's our future. The worst thing that could have happened to the Knicks did happen. This guy blew his knee out mid season. Supposedly he's coming back in January, but who knows. If the Knicks don't get him back to his former grandeur things are looking pretty bleak for them." With Porzingis out, let's see a breakout of the rest of the Knicks 2018-19 squad: It's funny to say, but on paper the Knicks most valuable players are Enes Kanter and Joakim Noah. It will be interesting to