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The Contenders of the Wild West

The Western Conference has owned the Eastern Conference for over a decade now, and although the East made some notable improvements this offseason, the best of the best still remains in the West. If you enjoy gambling, this is going to be a really difficult year to cover spreads, considering the level of competition is going to be ridiculous. Below are the top six teams in the Western Conference. San Antonio Spurs ( Vegas Insider Odds to win the Western Conference: 12/5) The Spurs have the best starting 5 in the league, and LeMarcus Aldridge should help Tim Duncan rest during the regular season, making him fresh for the playoffs. There are some doubts regarding how well Aldridge will fit the Spurs’ offense given his “ball stopping” tendencies, but I’m sure Duncan and the gang will teach Aldridge how to play Spurs ball. Also, having a “ball stopper” isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you need an easy bucket in crunch time. What makes this team even more ridiculous is that Tony P