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Knicks Free Agency: Guide on How to Fix the Knicks

The upcoming NBA Free Agency is going to be a chaotic time for Knicks fans. Phil Jackson has  approximately $27.5 million  to attract a very deep free agent class. The tricky part is picking the right players to build around Melo, and convincing those players that it’s worth joining a team that has a $124 million superstar coming off knee surgery. If you’re hoping for a blockbuster signing, then keep dreaming. Phil Jackson will hopefully focus on signing consistent two-way role players. Here is my list of free agents the Knicks should go for, and pass on: Bigs It seems that the Knicks starting front line is going to consist of Melo, and Pordingus (Steve Brule reference). The Knicks desperately need an enforcer in the paint to do a lot of the dirty work. Who will that enforcer be? Marc Gasol Gasol can either take more money to play for the championship contending Memphis Grizzlies, or take less money to play for the New York Knicks. If you can convince me that Gasol is leaving Memphis t