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Here Come the Suns

The Phoenix Suns very well may be the most forgotten team in the Western Conference, and that’s a damn shame. Last year the Suns missed the playoffs by an inch, with a record of 48-34. If the Suns played for the Eastern Conference last year, they would have tied for the 3 rd seed, which shows how dangerous the West really is. The Suns aren’t going to blow you away with any statistics or even star players, but the style that they use night in and night out is appealing to both basketball junkies, and the casual fan. The style that the Suns have established is simple, they are going to run and exhaust every team they play out of the gym with coach Jeff Hornacek’s quick tempo and deep rotations. The NBA is changing rapidly season by season. Pick and rolls, as well as drive and kicks are overthrowing the old school style of posting and toasting. Can we credit this to the lack of emphasis on scoring bigs or the surplus of deadly point guards? I’d choose the latter. I’m a basketball purist