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Tim Hardaway's Contract in Comparison to the Free Agency Market

The Knicks have invested $71 million dollars this offseason on Tim Hardaway Jr. (and $9 million on Ron Baker). The only positive response Knicks fans can possibly come up with is "At least they are not signing guys in their 30's." After the Knicks traded Hardaway for Jerian Grant in 2015, Hardaway was stashed away into the D-League. He managed to work with the Hawks' training staff and reinvent himself into a solid rotation player. Last season Hardaway averaged 14.5 points, 2 assists, and shot 36% from 3 point range.  He is definitely improving, but with his continued poor defense and one dimensional scoring ability, was he really worth such a steep price? According to the Zach Lowe, the Hawks didn't think so. Let's go over other deals that happened this offseason: Jonathan Simmons 3 years $20 million with the Magic  Simmons averaged 6 points last season, so his numbers will obviously not jump out a