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The Carmelo Anthony Era is Over | What did the Knicks Gain?

It was an ugly divorce, but it's finally over. Carmelo Anthony is joining forces with Russell Westbrook and Paul George in OKC. The Knicks season opener is in, of course, Oklahoma City, so it should be fun watching Melo shooting wide open shots on a Knicks defense that might be even worse without him. Regardless of how you feel about Melo, it's important to understand what the Knicks actually got by trading him. Enes Kanter If you dislike Melo for being a ball stopper and not playing defense... well just you wait! The good news is Enes Kanter is a gifted post player who can bring some much needed scoring off the bench. The 24 year old has an impressive stat line per 36 minutes: 24 points and 11 rebounds. He only averaged 20 minutes per game on the Thunder, and that is because of how atrocious he was defensively. Kanter is incredibly slow when guarding the pick and roll, which is why I think Willy Hernangomez is still going to be more valuable than Kanter.