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Identity Crisis: The Knicks Need to Move Porzingis to the Center

The NBA has always been a copycat league. If a formula works for one team, every other coach tries to follow suit. The evolution of small ball has taken over the league a lot faster than many anticipated. Teams that used to thrive off posting and toasting have remodeled their roster in order to keep up with the rapid tempo that the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets have established. I have news for everyone this season: The Knicks are going to be really bad at defense. This has already shown with their loss to OKC, and their meltdown versus the Pistons. Guards like Ish Smith and Reggie Jackson were exposing guys like O'Quinn and Kanter in the pick and roll. It's not like Kanter or O'Quinn are the greatest paint enforcers anyway, so the Knicks might as well just run and gun! In defense of Hornacek, he doesn’t have the best roster to play consistent small-ball. The Knicks don’t have any game-changing guards. However, Hornacek needs to understand that he has the most d

NBA 2K18 Review

There has been a lot of mixed feedback from gaming sites for NBA 2K18. This is due to a horrible MyCareer mode. With annoying loading times, unskippable cutscenes (which by the way are infuriating and unwatchable), and an excessive amount of micro-transactions, it seems this might be the worst 2K yet. The purpose of my 2K18 review is to show the other parts of the game and whether or not it's worth buying. In short... it is, but if you only play My Career Mode, don't buy it. Check out my new YouTube channel and subscribe if you want to see more 2K and Nintendo content. I have been playing 2K since 2K3, so I have a lot of tips I can share that are not on other channels. I'm pretty good! (Also sorry about the crappy mic, that is now fixed for future videos.)