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The Dirk Nowitzki Era: How to Build Around a 7-Foot Machine

In the NBA, a common strategy that has been implemented by almost every team is to shy away from being a middle tier team. Many NBA executives will argue if you’re not good enough to win a championship, but too good to get a high draft pick, then you’re in “No Man’s Land”. Just ask the Philadelphia 76ers, when they blew up their team just a season after signing Jrue Holliday and Andrew Bynum to big deals. Fast forward three seasons later, and the Sixers are once again battling for the worst record in the league. A team that likes to prove that bottoming out is a waste of time is the Dallas Mavericks. They are a team that tweaks its roster practically every season, in order to build around their superstar, Dirk Nowitzki. Their trial and error type philosophy has prevented them from trying to build a Lebron/Bosh/Wade Miami team or a Pierce/Allen/Garnett Celtics team. Instead, they flirt with title contention every year, by making smart signings and not always going for the best talent, b