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How Good Are the Rockets With Ty Lawson?

The Houston Rockets’ acquisition of Ty Lawson changes the landscape of the Western Conference. The Rockets were already considered contenders last year when they overcame the odds, beating the Clippers in seven games after being down 3-1. Although they beat out most of the West without a legitimate starting point guard, James Harden acted as their main source of distribution throughout the season. How will that affect the Rockets this upcoming season? Since Harden and Lawson both need the ball in their hands, will they adapt, or will the Rockets fall out of contention? Ty Lawson will have to adapt his game to James Harden’s style, due to the process of natural selection. Lawson is a great facilitator on his own with 9.6 assists per game last season  (3rd best), but with Harden’s ability to draw multiple defenders, plus his limitless court vision, he’s a magician with the ball in his hands. Lawson will still bring the ball up the floor most of the time and set up Harden to score, which