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If the Knicks Strike Out with Durant and Kyrie...What happens next?

So it turns out that when you have an 86% chance at not landing the 1st overall pick, that means you are most likely not going to land the 1st overall pick. Now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss the Knicks' upcoming offseason, specifically free agency. I have to entertain the possibility that Durant and Kyrie are going to join the Knicks because the Knicks have the cap room to afford both superstars, and because they said words to each other at an all-star game. Crazy scenario: Kyrie and Durant don't sign with a team that has had the worst NBA record while spending the most money in luxury tax since 2001.  What is the next best course of action? Option 1: Sign the next best dude Who are the other free agents this July? Kawhi Leonard : Obviously if you can Sign Kawhi Leonard, you do it. Odds are he would not leave a Raptors team heading to the Conference Finals for the Knicks. Some people are speculat