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NBA Western Conference Rankings 2018-2019 Season

Check out my Eastern Conference Rankings if you missed it. Lottery bound 15 - Sacramento Kings The Kings are slowly getting some young assets to build a fun team with guys like Marvin Bagley, Buddy Hield, Willie Cauley-Stein and DeAaron Fox. Also add in a guy like Zach Randolph, and there should be some entertaining games. This conference is too loaded for a team with some prospects to gain any relevance. 14 - Phoenix Suns Similar situation to the Kings, but the prospects are simply better. Many people are projecting Devin Booker to make an all-star leap, and DeAndre Ayton will battle Trae Young, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Luka Doncic for rookie of the year. I actually wanted Bridges to be drafted by the Knicks (I love Knox, but didn't know I did at the time). Bridges is going to be a 3-and-D guy throughout his career, and who's to say he can't be that guy his rookie season? Ariza should add some veteran leadership as well, but again, the West is simply too good for this team to

NBA Eastern Conference Rankings 2018-2019 Season

Check out my Western Conference Rankings if you missed it.  Lottery Bound 15 - Atlanta Hawks The Hawks could have drafted Luka Doncic, but instead traded down for Trae Young. Young might prove to be a good NBA player with his limitless range and great passing, but Doncic seems to be on another level; only time will tell. Regardless of how Young performs, this team is lottery bound and will be fighting for a number one draft pick. Lottery bound, whether intentional or not 14 - New York Knicks The Knicks had one of their best drafts in a while, and a "culture change" (whatever that means) after hiring Fizdale as their head coach. Apologies to all optimistic Knicks fans out there, but a guy by the name of Kristaps Porzingis tore his ACL. This Knicks team will be led by Enes Kanter and Tim Hardaway Jr. God help us. Clyde, the smartest basketball mind of all-time, had this to say: “The reality is without KP, man, we’re going nowhere. Without Porzingis, he’s our future. The worst t