Guide on How to Build Around Kristaps Porzingis

The Knicks are going to be up and down all season. We can blame this on their lack of chemistry, health, and inability to guard the opposing team. The Knicks have the 6th worst defensive rating in the league and are second in the league in second chance points allowed. That alone can explain a lot.

I received many tweets from my followers stating that Phil Jackson should blow up the team and rebuild around Porzingis. I'm here to explain why it's not that simple.

Get Rid of Joakim Noah


I have been through enough rants regarding why Joakim Noah was one of the worst signings in the history of the Knickerbockers. Not one team in the NBA has a demand for an injury prone and overpaid center who is atrocious at both ends of the floor.

This dilemma is pretty simple, wait out the next three seasons and then trade Noah's expiring deal for a second round draft pick. There is no other alternative.

Let's look at a side by side comparison between Joakim Noah and Kyle O'Quinn per 36 minutes:

Joakim Noah per 36 minutes: 9 points, 14 rebounds, 1 block - 4 years $72 million

Kyle O'Quinn per 36 minutes 15 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks - 4 years $16 million

Thanks Phil!

Trade Derrick Rose:


The Knicks are 1-4 when Derrick Rose does not play, so I don't know if he is really the issue. Regardless, no one is going to want to trade for Rose because he has an expiring deal and it makes no sense to give up assets if you're uncertain Rose will stay.

Trade Melo:


Let me clear the air with anyone who thinks it's easy to trade Melo.

Carmelo Anthony is passed his prime, and the Knicks might not even make the playoffs for the fourth season in a row. It is becoming almost certain that the Knicks will not win a championship in the Carmelo Anthony era. Why not trade him and gain as many assets as possible? BECAUSE HE HAS A NO TRADE CLAUSE. 

To anyone saying, "Melo can waive his no trade clause, so he can go to a contender."

Let's go down the list.

  • Warriors

  • Spurs

  • Cavaliers

  • Clippers

    • I don't see the Clippers giving up Blake Griffin and the Clippers can't give up anyone else other than their big three for salary cap reasons.

  • Celtics

    • Isaiah Thomas is fourth in the league in scoring at 28 points per game. Celtics thrive through bench play and defense, and rely on their gunner, Isaiah, to give them crunch time points. Why mess with the chemistry?

After Phil Jackson convinced Melo to resign by claiming that he was going to build a contender, Phil tanked the following season. Currently, Knicks are a mediocre team and fans boo Melo when he misses shots, and cheer him on when he makes shots. Hate him or love him, he's here to stay.


The Knicks have solid young role players coming off the bench. Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Justin Holiday and Kyle O'Quinn have been consistently good all season, and are all 27 or younger.

If the Knicks can keep some of these players around for years to come, the chemistry will continue to grow and the Knicks will become the prime free agent destination that delusional fans think already exists.

The best course of action is to allow the Knicks to develop with their coach, Jeff Hornacek, without making a crazy makeover every offseason. Even if you despise the Knicks' top paid players, they are not going anywhere.


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