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Swiss Cheese D Mailbag (Feat. Should Melo Leave?)

Swiss Cheese D would not have received as much exposure if not for twitter. Twitter enables me to connect with a tremendous amount of NBA fans. Although it is unfortunate that I only have 140 characters to respond to questions, I can get around that by using my website to answer all of your genius questions. Welcome to the first Swiss Cheese D Q&A.

I recently wrote a column on why Derrick Rose is so important to the Knicks. A lot of the Knicks' success this season has been due to Rose's ability to penetrate and create for others. Although Rose is only 28 years old, there is no doubt that he is an injury prone player. Long-term I think it would be a good idea to either sign Rose to a short term deal (which is something his agent will oppose), or say goodbye.


Players like Shaun Livingston, Vince Carter and Grant Hill were able to reinvent their game after career threatening injuries. This was due to their ability to rely on their fundamentals over their athleticism. Were they ever the same all-star caliber players? No. But they were still good enough to be solid contributors to winning teams.

It's unclear whether or not Derrick Rose has that same ability to reinvent his basketball DNA. He is currently successful on the Knicks (when he's on the court) due to his sheer athletic ability: his ability to get into the chest of the defender and bully his way into the paint, opening up the game for others.

Once Rose loses whatever explosiveness he has left in the tank, will he be able to consistently hit open 3's? Will he be able to run a pick and roll properly with the scouting report stating that he can't get to the basket with the same burst of quickness he once had? These are questions that the Knicks need to factor in long-term.


Here are free agents that will be available in 2017 with unrealistic players crossed out:

  • Stephen Curry

  • Chris Paul

  • Kyle Lowry

  • Jrue Holiday

  • Rajon Rondo

  • Jeff Teague

  • Shaun Livingston

  • George Hill

  • Michael Carter-Williams

  • Patty Mills

  • Deron Williams

Long-term, there are no great options here, so this is a serious issue that Knicks management needs to assess. This is where a Melo trade would make the most sense, but that brings us to another tweet.

I have two fun statistics to help answer this question:

  1. Last season the Knicks were 0-10 when Carmelo Anthony was out.

  2. Last season Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks in points, rebounds and assists. 

Any Melo hater would argue that Melo had those stats because the Knicks were a horrible team last season, making Melo nothing more than a stat stuffer. My retort is that if Melo never had a good supporting cast, then how could he have ever had a successful tenure with the Knicks?


Another fun statistic for anyone who says that Melo is a "ball hog":

If we're going to hate on Melo for being a "ball hog", then let's at least be consistent here, Knicks fans.

It is clear the future belongs to Porzingis and that Melo is on the wrong side of 30. However, Melo has a no trade clause and doesn't want to leave, so Knicks fans have no choice but to enjoy the Melo/KP partnership, and let the chemistry improve. The Knicks are without a doubt a better team with Carmelo Anthony.

Check out my last column on why Melo should remain the number one option over Porzingis if you're still not sold.

I saw Rockets vs. Golden State game in a double OT shootout, and it was some sloppy ball. They also broke the record for most three point attempts in an NBA game. It is worth noting that GSW shot 27% from 3 while Houston shot 31%, making it a very inefficient outing.

It is not surprising that the Rockets are shattering three ball statistics, having a Mike D'Antoni team combined with James Harden as the fire igniting D'Antoni's offense. No defense and a crap ton of threes is fun for the casual fan, but will it last in a slower half court offense style that the NBA playoffs command?

The Rockets are currently 21-7 and James Harden is putting up historical numbers, so they're obviously doing something right. The D'Antoni system is simple: have Harden penetrate and create for the shooters around him. It may not be appealing for an old school 90's fan, but if it's working, and the analytics back it up, we can complain all we want, but the Rockets will keep doing what works best for them.

In the playoffs, when the pace slows down and the Rockets defense is further exposed against a team like the Spurs or the Clippers, the gunslinging from behind the arc might now pan out the way it is right now.

Yes. Rose and Jennings both have one year left on their contract and have proven to be injury prone. Randle has played zero NBA games in his career, but is killing it in the D-League. I think it is fair to say that Ron Baker is not a premier NBA athlete. I'd rather have a guy with a higher ceiling on the Knicks' roster.



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