Derrick Rose's Sacrifice To Win Games

Derrick Rose has shown flashes of his old MVP form through highlights, but after looking at his overall package, it's obvious that he's never going to be an MVP caliber player again. That does not mean the Knicks will not be successful.

He is producing some of the worst numbers of his career, but it's important to factor in that he's not being utilized like he was in Chicago. Once again, that does not mean the Knicks will not be successful.

Derrick Rose is sacrificing his numbers for his team.

Right off the bat, Knicks fans love Rose’s ability to attack the rim. It's not just his quickness, but his strength. Rose gets to the rim by going into the chest of his defenders. Before Rose’s injuries, he was Westbrook, maybe even better. This is a very refreshing thing to see after dealing with Jose Calderon.

Rose is a constant threat when heading to the rim, which opens up space for Melo and Porzingis. Although Rose’s assist numbers aren't sky high (5 per game), just having him on the floor creates room for others. 

Rose had this to say after a team meeting, “If I did have the things I did back in Chicago, I would look stupid out there coming out and shooting some of the shots I shot in Chicago. In Chicago I had to shoot those shots for us even to have a chance. Here I’m trying to read the game and who knows in about 25, 30 games what the team is going to become. Everyone’s trying to figure everything out.”

Numbers don't tell the whole story. Keep in mind, this guy missed the entire training camp and most of preseason. Barring a catastrophic injury, (which wouldn't be that catastrophic, because he has one year on his deal and Phil could just say goodbye), Rose will be a great addition for the Knicks.

Rose has his flaws. He's injury prone, he's turnover prone, he can't shoot threes efficiently, and he falls asleep on defense far too often. However, he's the best point guard to play on the Knicks since… I don't know.


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