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The 2015 All-NBA Bad Boy Team

DISCLAIMER:  If you are against fighting in the NBA and you think that competitive violence is bad for the game, then don’t read this, because you are a wuss. In basketball, toughness is all important. Most of the time, the opponent who is more aggressive emerges victorious. However, basketball is evolving, and players like Ron Artest and Dennis Rodman are harder to find. With various changes in the rules such as hand-checking, making it harder for defensive players to play physical, and refs calling technical fouls more often, it’s safe to say the game has gotten soft. Not to mention the flopping outbreak that has affected our beloved game. This is why I made an All-NBA Bad Boy Team; these NBA players could retire today and take the WWE by storm due to their extreme toughness and fascinating personalities. If Vince McMahon were an NBA GM, this would be his dream team: Starting Lineup: PG- Patrick Beverley:   Everyone needs the villain that you love to hate. Patrick Beverley is like a